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About Us

You know dental health, we know dental wealth. Learn more about us, our story, and our time tested 5 Step Process that we utilize to help dental practice owners like you.



Our 5-Step Process

Planning is not linear—it's a circular experience. We want to leave it open to review each of these steps with our clients on an ongoing basis. We aren't looking to be transactional; relationships with our clients that grow over time are of the highest value for BWDA.


Drafting a financial mission statement

Articulate what the financial future looks like for you, your business, and your family.


Building your business owner blueprint

Create financial organization for your practice and define its value so you can have a better plan for your future.


Leading with a cash flow plan

Cash is how a business pays its bills and reinvests for growth. A better understanding of how to optimize the flow of money into and out of your practice will empower you to make confident decisions


Protecting your business from Three Black Swans

Bad things happen to good dentists. Stress testing your balance sheet ensures you are fully protected against the risks business owners face.


Growing via your people

Creating growth through attraction and retention of top-notch talent that fit the culture and mission of your organization.

Our Story

Owning a dental practice is far more than just a job. As a business owner, your practice is a vessel—it encompasses your financial independence, your career prospects, and your future goals. Being a practice owner requires you to accomplish many things within your workday. This can cause essential financial aspects, such as tax management and exit planning, to slip through the cracks. Fortunately, with proper financial advising, you can work towards a business structure that is not only successful today, but sets you up with a solid foundation for your financial future.

For a combined 20 years, the Bluewater Dental Advisors team has honed a time-tested process for helping our clients plan, protect, and grow their practices. As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to work with someone that gets to know the financial makeup of your practice inside and out—that is why we have developed our niche business model, enabling us to help you with every aspect of running your practice. From short-term growth strategies to long-term retirement planning, we have the expertise required to meet practice owners where they are and help them create a financial roadmap for whatever lies ahead.

  • Mission: Our mission is to provide dental practice owners clarity and confidence to make financial decisions that grow and protect their business so that they realize the value of their life’s work upon sale.
  • Vision: Our vision is to be the premier provider for personal and business planning for dental practice owners in the US.
  • Core Values: Family-First, Inspire, Education, Simplicity

Steven Huskey

Steven has built his career on his passion for helping medical professionals navigate the complexities of their financial lives. Much like a physician is called to their profession out of an altruistic desire to improve the lives of others, he feels called to this profession for a purpose greater than himself. By focusing on a comprehensive process rather than prescribing product-centered solutions, Steven specializes in guidance tailored to the unique financial position and goals of his clients, designed with flexibility in mind.

Steven also prioritizes living a balanced lifestyle, and enjoys running, playing golf, practicing guitar, and spending time with his wife and growing family in his off hours. He is also very involved with the local business community, working with networking groups and other organizations to give back throughout the area.

Brandon Wilson

Throughout his career, Brandon has built a planning practice that focuses on helping business owners grow, protect and eventually exit their companies.  Through his personalized approach and tailored strategies for financial management, he has guided countless dental practice owners in gaining clarity on where they want to be in the future, while also giving them the guidance, tools and resources to get there.

After playing football during his years at Presbyterian College, Brandon now gives back by coaching varsity and middle school football in the Summerville area, as well as his son’s baseball teams. Brandon enriches his free time by training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , enjoying the company of his wife and children, camping, golfing, and fishing on the wonderful waterways of the Charleston area.

Shelby Buck — Chief Marketing Officer

As an artist and a creative with a background in healthcare, Shelby is the brilliant mind behind our marketing efforts. Shelby spends her time utilizing our multiple educational outlets to listen and learn from dental professionals about what issues they are facing and how our team can help. She prides herself on her ability to connect dental practice owners, and members of the dental community, with experienced financial educators in an effort to promote financial literacy and success in the dental space. She achieves this by helping connect those looking to grow their practice, protect it, and eventually exit; with financial educators who can help them do this using an organized plan specifically tailored to each practice.

Ciara Jenkins — Client Services

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