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1 Hr. CE Credit: Three Doors of Exit: Creating the Most Value and Income from Your Dental Business at Sale

Session Overview

Studies by the Life Insurance Marketing & Research Association (LIMRA) have found that approximately two-thirds of business owners do not have a plan for exiting their business. Statistics from thestreet.com show that the percentage is even higher for dentist practice owners. There are myriad reasons for this being the case, primarily due to lack of education around the subject, lack of time to execute, and propensity to procrastinate when planning for our futures. In this continuing education course, we will delve into the three possibilities as it pertains to exiting your practice as well as strategies on how to best maximize your sale proceeds to create the lifestyle in slowdown years/retirement that you want and deserve.

Learning Objectives

Viewers of this CE Course will learn: The three exit outcomes for business owners; The Pros and Cons associated with each exit path and examples of each in action; Ways to grow and protect the value of your practice regardless of whichever option you choose. This is a 1 Credit CE course that includes a 30-minute video lesson, content assessment quiz, and opportunity to receive a complementary BizEquity business valuation of your practice.

Bluewater Dental Advisors Video Series

"We made this video series to provide digestible, easy-to-understand content because we know your time is valuable and limited. With all the noise out there, BWDA is a source of helpful information on considerations you should think about while running your practice. Here are the subjects we'll cover:

  1. Introduction to Series

  2. Three Doors of Exit

  3. Cash Flow

  4. Protecting Your Business

  5. Dental Practice Growth

  6. Valuing Your Dental Practice

  7. Taxes: Pay Now or Later?

  8. Creating Wealth

  9. Retirement: Three Vessels of Wealth